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We Offer to our clients a wide variety of Web Development Solutions

Afaqi – A Leading Name In Web Development

At Afaqi, we offer you completely professional and custom web development solutions based on your specific business needs and requirements and your ultimate business goals. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies in order to build fully customized website for your business, including PHP, ASP.net, Ajax, Flash, Flex, Cold Fusion, and so on. We build your custom website designs with supreme creativity which establish a strong connection with your clients and also enhance your business recognition.

Being a leading web development company in Saudi Arabia, we are prepared to build unique, fast loading and SEO friendly websites for your business. We pledge that our customized website designs are easy to navigate and user-friendly.  Our experienced web developers deliver high quality of creativity bundled with technical efficiencies to give that dynamism, presence and impact to your business websites. Ask for free web development quote today or mail us your basic website design requirements, we will respond back to you quickly.


We at Afaqi are proud to offer you a wide variety of web development solutions in Saudi Arabia at cost-effective rates.

  1. Business Website Development – We are here to help you in terms of business website development. We have already developed so many business portals and corporate websites for our clients in the past. We are still busy in making unique websites for our new customers in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and Gulf countries.
  2. E-commerce Website Development – Afaqi are also very glad to deliver you the best E-commerce website design and development service within your country. With our E-commerce website development service, you can establish a renowned shopping store online.
  3. Travel Websites and News Portals – People love to travel everywhere around the world. Not only this, people love to read crispy news by visiting different news portals on the internet. We can create unique travel websites and news portals for you with high quality of creativity, dynamism and professionalism.
  4. Social Networking Websites – There are many popular social networking sites around the world such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, MeetMe, Instagram, Tagged, etc. Our team of professional web designers and developers build your sites by following search engine’s standards and privacy. Hence, your site will get a huge recognition on these social networking channels.
  5. Website Maintenance – If a website is maintained properly, it will improve your SEO rankings significantly. We not only create great sites but we also give you top notch quality website maintenance service.
  6. Flash Website Development – We can also deliver you high class flash website development solutions at cost-effective rates and flash animation can contribute greatly to your higher search engine rankings.
  7. Classified Websites – You can publish content on the most popular classified websites to sell your products or services. That’s what we create wholly functional, SEO friendly and purposeful websites for modern businesses. You can advertise your valued goods and services on popular classified websites with us easily as well as inexpensively
  8. Technology Websites – This is an era of technology and so do we build great technology sites for our clients in a creative style.
  9. Health Website Designing and Development – Afaqi also build great health sites or blog for healthcare companies in Saudi Arabia.
  10. Fashion Website Development – We are also proud to build fashion websites for fashion companies. We highlight the global cultures precisely while designing your fashion websites.


There are many advantages of hiring our professional web development service for you:

  1. First of all, we at pralines.sa will provide you the best strategy for your business website development with the help of our professional web developers.
  2. We believe that a wholly functional website is a great way to get your corporate identity. That’s what we deliver high quality web development solutions.
  3. Our web designers and developers will use accurate fonts, color schemes, graphics, images and typography to increase your website image.
  4. Content is king to get your higher SEO rankings. Therefore we deliver you top notch quality content development and management solutions.
  5. We build SEO friendly websites for our clients because SEO friendly website is a great way of bringing genuine visitors on your website.
  6. We utilize web analytical tools to generate weekly reports and monthly reports that will help us to maximize on your business strategies.
  7. When you hire our professional web development service, it will help you to accomplish your strategic goals and get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  8. We are every read to deliver you the most reliable and affordable web development solutions in Saudi Arabia. We are delivering our professional web development services in Makkah, Madina, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, etc.

For any query, feel free to send us an email at info@afaqi.com or call us today at 0560228866 as we will respond back to you within 24 hours.